Charged Glassworks is a collection of handmade glass art created for the modern at heart. We cater our designs to those who seek a fresh take on fashion and home decor.

The ethos of quality over quantity is the driving force of our brand. We carefully consider each step of our production process and adapt our designs to create a greater personal impact to you while making less of an impact on our environment. We use a combination of premium raw glass, as well as recycled and up-cycled glass, to make the most out of this cherished material.

Each of our pieces is treated like a totem – a valuable object to be cherished, possessing a certain “charge”that is passed on to the owner. We make all of our pieces with a proprietary blend of love, full volume 90’s music, sarcasm, and happiness, in an effort to ensure that our joy in craft is felt within our work. 

We design our pieces to stand out in a room, enlivening any space. Bright pops of color mirror the sudden joys of noticing a swatch of graffiti in an otherwise grey city – it’s surprising and makes you stop dead in your tracks just to take a look. Pop culture references are infused within our work and are part of the daily life of designer Sarah Michalik, who has lived in big cities for most of her life. 

Charged Glassworks is run by husband and wife team, Sarah Michalik and Noah Weinert. Sarah has been blowing glass for the last 17 years and is the sole designer and creator of our glass lines. Noah is a writer and web developer with a specialization in picking things up and putting them down. While not busy lifting, he also handles the back of the house. Together they run the business out of their East Boston home. 

W H A T  D O E S  O U R  N A M E  M E A N? 

The term Charge refers to the act of filling up a hot glass furnace with raw glass, known in the industry as Charging. Along with our electric melting furnace, there also seems to be a certain “charge” or spark of electric excitement felt by anyone who learns the art of glass blowing.

Made by hand, we develop a relationship with each piece we create, and believe that a certain personal “charge” is transferred to the owner and will continue to live on for years to come.

M E E T  T H E  O W N E R  H E R E

 Sarah Michalik / Owner  &  CoCo / Company Mascot