W E  A R E  C H A R G E D

Charged Glassworks is a Massachusetts-based glass design and production studio. We specialize in handmade, blown glass décor, art, and jewelry. As a glass brand we believe in a product that is made with premium materials and is borne from clean minimal, design.

A Massachusetts native, Sarah Michalik, leads the team of glass blowers needed to produce these works of art. Her designs are inspired by her time learning different glass techniques from around the world, married with her time working in contemporary art galleries in New York. She has studied glass techniques in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Italy, and at home in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Massachusetts.

Each of our designs is a contemporary take on the timeless style of glass. Made by hand, we develop a relationship with each piece we create, and believe that a certain personal “charge” is transferred to the owner and will continue to live on for years to come.


W H A T  D O E S  O U R  N A M E  M E A N? 

The term Charge refers to the act of filling up a hot glass furnace with raw glass, known in the industry as Charging. Along with our electric melting furnace, there also seems to be a certain “charge” or spark of electric excitement felt by anyone who learns the art of glass blowing.


M E E T  T H E  O W N E R  H E R E

 Sarah Michalik / Owner  &  CoCo / Company Mascot