Lost Lands Paperweight in Pink, Yellow, Orange & Black


Our Lost Lands paperweight is inspired by terra incognita or land that has never been explored or mapped. Historically uncharted territory was a source of inspiration for explorers who set out to claim their stake on this Earth but was also fuel for urban legends and cartographers who labeled such regions with “Here be dragons”.

Within our paperweight swirls of pink, yellow, orange, and black make us think of volcanic activity that is constantly bubbling up from the core of our planet to produce this uncharted land. A large bubble of air is captured in the center while other smaller bubbles are found throughout the paperweight.


– 4″ Sphere

Product Specifics

– Handmade in America by Charged Glassworks artisans.
– Signed with makers mark.
– Clean with glass cleaner and a soft cloth.


The bottom of the paperweight has been ground down to smooth out the pontil mark, usually left over from the blowing process, to ensure a flat bottom. Small air bubbles are naturally found throughout the piece.