About Us

Our Story

Charged Glassworks is a collection of handmade glass artwork and wearables. We design for the bright and the bold, those who seek a fresh take on fashion and home décor.


Sarah Michalik is the designer of our home decor, artwork, and jewelry. Having lived in big cities for most of her life, she draws on inspiration from pop culture, graffiti, and high fashion, as well as from the seaside city of Boston, where she currently resides. Having grown up in Massachusetts, Sarahʼs aesthetic embodies the spirit of an New Englander, with a preference for statement pieces that are as bold and striking as the sea.

Meet the Makers

Our company was founded in 2016 by husband and wife team, Sarah Michalik and Noah Weinert. Sarah has been blowing glass for the last 20 years and is the sole designer and creator of our glass lines. Noah is a web developer and entrepreneur who handles the back of the house. Together they run the business out of their home on the North Shore.

What Does Our Name Mean?

The term Charge refers to the act of filling up a hot glass furnace with raw glass, known in the industry as ‘chargingʼ. In addition to the literal charging we do in our melting furnace, our name also pays homage to the ‘chargeʼ, or spark of fear and excitement, felt by anyone who learns the art of glass blowing.

The Spirit of Craft

Each piece comes directly from our hands to your home. Our work is made by Sarah with a proprietary blend of love, full volume 90ʼs music, sarcasm, and happiness. We hope that the joy in our craft is felt within each piece we make, giving you a ‘chargeʼ of energy each time you wear or use one of our pieces.


Quality and sustainability are the driving forces behind our brand. We use a combination of premium raw glass, recycled glass, and up-cycled glass to make the most out of this cherished material. We continually review each step of our production process in our endeavor to create designs that make a greater impact to you, while making less of an impact on our environment.