Air Plant Care

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Say hello to your new air plant

Once youʼve had a moment to view the splendor of this versatile little plant youʼll want to give it a little refreshment. While air plants can survive for many days inside a shipping box, youʼll want to open the box upon arrival to give it some fresh air and a bath to allow your plant to relax after itʼs long journey. Just follow the watering steps below to begin.


Make a care plan for your plant friend

Air plants may not require much of your attention, but don’t forget about them! In order for your air plant to thrive you’ll need to water them at least once a month. While you’re giving them a bath, you should also check if your air plants need a haircut. Trimming old leaves allows for healthy new growth and prevents the base of the plant from retaining water.


Once a month remove your air plant from the planter and soak in a bowl of tepid tap or bottled water for 1 hour. After itʼs soak, gently shake to release excess water from the base and carefully place your plant upside down on a towel to dry. This is a very important step to avoid your air plant getting too wet. After a couple of hours of drying the air plant is ready to return to its home.


As your air plants grow, some leaves near the base may turn brown and die off. This is normal and they may be pruned with shears. Do not let a buildup of dead leaves form around the base as this can hold too much moisture and cause mold or rot.

Color Theory

The color of your plant tells you a lot about it's health. Your plant should always be a vibrant green. If it is looking lighter in color this is because small scales called trichomes are coming to the surface of the plant and trying to pull moisture out of the air. They are not a mold or fungus so donʼt be alarmed. If you plant is looking a darker more evergreen color then you are overwatering. Spray misting can also be added in between watering to help keep your plant fresh. Do not keep plants constantly wet or moist and do not keep standing water in the bottom of your planter as this will cause rot.